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Meet Our Caregivers

Great care starts with great caregivers.

We believe that the most important asset in our care is our caregivers. Day in and day out, they take care of our patients, that is why we also do our best to take care of them.


Miracles Home Care makes sure that our caregivers will continuously improve their services so they can further excel in their careers in the home care industry. And in return, our patients will receive the right level of care that they deserve.

Senior caregivers

We give utmost importance to caregiver job satisfaction, that is why we are constantly enhancing on specific key areas, such as the level of support from managers and care coordinators, the feeling of being valued and respected, constructive feedback, and more.

To help our caregivers further improve their skills in caregiving, we regularly provide them with training so they become up-to-date with the current standards and techniques in home care.