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Medication Management for Seniors

Medication management for seniors is no joke. The number of over-the-counter and prescription medicines for adults has increased over the years. And as their medication regimen becomes more complex, so does their propensity toward forgetfulness and memory loss. This makes Home Care Services in Pennsylvania a big help for seniors.

As part of its patient-centered care program Miracles Home Care ensures that each home health care provider it assigns clients is skilled in medication management. There are a variety of tasks that go into handling a patient’s medicines. These include:

  • Coordinating with the patient’s various healthcare providers to ensure their medication regimen is up to date and all medicines work well with each other
  • Buying and refilling all medications at the pharmacy, so there is an ample supply available in case the pharmacy runs out of stock in the future
  • Organizing medicines into labeled containers for easy dispensing every day of the week. Preparing an easy-to-follow guide for other caregivers and family members to use as a reference, in case the primary Home Care provider is on leave
  • Dispensing the right medications at the right times each day, to prevent incidents of overdosing and underdosing.

If you are looking for the right Home Health Aide in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who can provide professional medication management services for your senior loved one, call us at 267-961-5801 today!


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