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Tips for Communicating with a Dementia Patient

If you are caring for a loved one who has Dementia, you’ll probably agree that communicating with them can be challenging. And while home care is always a wise option, we respect the fact that you’re doing your best in taking care of your loved one.

As such, Miracles Home Care, a trusted provider of home care services in Pennsylvania, is here to support you. Here, we not only focus our efforts on providing the best care for our clients. Beyond that, we also see to it that we share our knowledge and expertise with those in need.

As advocates of proper Dementia care, here’s what we can advise for improving your communication with your loved one:

  • Set a Positive Mood for InteractionYou may do this by speaking to your loved ones pleasantly and respectfully. Use facial expressions, tone of voice, and physical contact to help communicate your message and express your affection.
  • State Your Message ClearlyUse basic words and phrases. Speak slowly, clearly, and in a soothing tone. Also, remember to refrain from raising your voice at them.
  • Ask Simple, Answerable QuestionsAsk one question at a time; yes or no replies are ideal. Avoid asking open-ended questions or providing too many options. You may go a step further by showing them what options they have. Visual clues and signals can clarify your question and facilitate their response.

Should you need helping hands, a home health aide in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania can provide you with valuable assistance.

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