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Biotin: What Does It Do to Our Body?

A water-soluble vitamin called biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is crucial for ensuring healthy digestion and energy levels. Biotin is now available as a vitamin supplement in addition to being found in specific foods.

This nutrient is essential for seniors to ingest since aging-related changes can make it harder to digest meals and cause us to expend more energy.

We believe it’s crucial to give our clients this kind of vitamin as a senior care provider. We, therefore, include vitamin-rich foods when assisting in meal preparation for them.

As a provider of patient-centered care, we are aware of the importance of biotin due to its ability to improve nutrient absorption and digestion, offer healthy hair, nails, and skin, control type 2 diabetes, promote thyroid health, and support the neurological system.

We understand that elderly persons have specific requirements to maintain their health. They also need the aforementioned components to keep up their outstanding health.

Our home care can help look or observe the following symptoms to see if any of our clients are biotin deficient:

  • Red, flaky, and dry skin
  • Fragilized hair and excessive hair loss
  • Low energy and persistent tiredness
  • Nerve injury and digestive issues
  • Joint and muscle discomfort

It’s true that biotin is essential for maintaining a senior’s health. It will be difficult for an elderly person to meet the needs to maintain improved health. This is why Miracles Home Care’s home health aide in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is here to assist.

Our team of experts from our home care services in Pennsylvania works to provide each of our clients with the proper assistance they require. Please feel free to contact our staff at any time if you have any questions about our offerings.


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